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"Our Photo Film Community" was created by Director of Photography Alec Watson and the team at ACDSee, to help fellow photographers create more beautiful imagery. Β 

Where social media is a free for all of attitudes, "help" πŸ˜¬πŸ€”, and opinion, the goal with this community is to curate and create meaningful dialogue that betters understanding and really does make the world a better and more beautiful place by sharing each of our visions of the world.

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This interactive community aims to help fellow photographers create more beautiful images by giving them direct access to learn from some of the best photographers in the business. "Our Photo Film Community" Members also have access to Photography Lessons, Live Workshops and Tutorials all while engaging in meaningful conversations with like minded creators. So, what are you waiting for, become a member today!

A Big Thanks

One of Alec's life goals is to create a legacy that lasts. Through joining this community, you are sharing in the goal of creating beauty in other's lives. Alec thanks you for make the world a better and more beautiful place!

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